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Proclaimed on 5 October 1896, it was named after the land surveyor, Edward Harker Vincent Melvill. The public sale notice that appeared for the sale of the suburb described the area well as a "picturesque and healthy spot in the vicinity of Johannesburg with a magnificent view of the wooded country to the north with the blue Pretoria ranges stretching like lines of steel against the horizon". Melville, the village in a big city, today is still one of the most beautiful and peaceful suburbs to frequent in Johannesburg. It is home to more than 80 artists, many restaurants, interesting shops and 27 BOXES the exciting retail center constructed from shipping containers – the first in Africa. The boutique development has become a destination and houses art galleries, designers clothing, furniture designers, restaurants, different eateries and many other interesting quint shops in the bohemian suburb of Melville


Sophiatown was one of the oldest black areas in Johannesburg, and its destruction became a symbol of the extremes of apartheid in the history of South Africa.Sophiatown the well-known black cultural hub was destroyed under apartheid and re-established as a whites only suburb, Triomf. The suburb was officially renamed to the original, Sophiatown, in 2006. Politics, jazz and blues flourished during the 1940s and 1950s and Sophiatown produced some of the most famous black writers, musicians, politicians and artists in South Africa.

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